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    - this page was updated on Aug 9, 2016 -


    Who is Daboxtoys Model Cars (DMC)?

    We are a Hong Kong based model car shop and wholesaler that has been in business since 2003. 

    DMC Retail Shop in Hong Kong:

    Click here for address and hours.

    eBay Store: 


    Our sales primarily come from our international customers so if you are looking for a reliable international supplier of model cars, you have come to the right place!

    To read more about us, please visit our About Us page.


    What makes DMC different?

    Quality service and love of model cars always come first for us.

    We started in 2003 and have built a reputation of providing great service and products.  Read all of our positive feedback on our eBay Shop or look us up in Facebook and you will know we are a reliable and dedicated model car dealer.

    We are also collectors which makes us more about attentive and caring and less "business-only".  We always reply to every single email or inquiry and we offer services such as reserving and keeping models for you so that you can combine multiple items into one bigger shipment to save shipping costs.

    Since we are located in Hong Kong, we are close to all the factories in China so can source from most of the brands in the world and get them the quickest.

    We ONLY sell models that we source directly from the manufacturer or through the official supplier so we can guarantee the authenticity of all our products.


    What is the difference between the online shop and our eBay Store?

    First and most importantly to you: PRICES ARE LOWER! 

    It is because we can save on eBay fees and has transferred most of that savings to you.  We also give our Facebook fans an exclusive discount code to save an additional 5% which is not available on eBay.

    Where do I input the discount code?

    During the last step (step #2 of 2) of the check-out process, the page will ask for a discount code. Simply enter the discount code on our Facebook "About" section to enjoy the 5% discount.

    Here is a screen capture of this step for your reference:

    Where do our fellow collectors hang out?

    Facebook! We love sharing our love for model cars with our fellow collectors and customers so please join us at our Facebook Page!

    What is Pre-Order?

    This means that the item HAS NOT been released at the time of order.  By Pre-Ordering, you are reserving the model to ensure that it will be yours at the time of release.  For models in great demand, the price of the Pre-Order will often be lower as the market will drive up its price at the time of release or when it becomes out of stock.

    We usually offer pre-orders 1-2 months before the model is released.  If for any reason we can not supply your model 30 days after the model is released in Hong Kong, we will refund you fully.  The important thing to note is that the release schedule and deliveries are occasionally different from one manufacturer to another so we ask for your patience and understanding.

    If your order contains both a Pre-Order and an in-stock item, it will be calculated as one shipment so we will ship your entire order when the Pre-Order item arrives.  If you would like to separate them into separate shipments, please make 2 separate orders as our system is not able to handle 2 shipments for 1 order.

    And if you are uncomfortable with pre-ordering in advance, please wait until the model is released or you can always email us if you have any concerns. 


    Do we offer wholesale?

    Yes, we do.  We offer wholesale for Tarmac Works, Ebbro, IXO, J-Collection and GreenLight Models. Please refer to our wholesale page or email info@daboxtoys.com for more details.


    Shipping & Handling

    Please refer to our Shipping page for information and rates.

    Shipping rates start at just US $5.99!



    What are the payment methods?

    International Orders:

    - Paypal or bank transfer

    Hong Kong Local Orders:

    - Cash on pickup

    - ATM transfer (DMC Group Limited, HSBC 848-366555-838)


    ** Information for Hong Kong Customers 香港顧客請留意 **
    For HK customers who selected "自取/Self Pick-Up", please visit our shop DMC WorkShop and cash payment can be made on site:

    Retail Shop Address / 店鋪地址:
    Please visit: http://www.daboxtoys.com/pages/dmc-workshop

    Shop Hours / 開放時間:
    Please refer to our site for the most updated opening hours: http://www.daboxtoys.com/pages/dmc-workshop

    Telephone # / 電話號碼:
    (852) 2510 0319

    Payment / 付款需知:
    ATM Transfer: please deposit the total amount ($1 USD = $7.75 HKD) to the following account and email the deposit slip copy and your order # to info@daboxtoys.com and we will arrange the delivery:
    HSBC Hong Kong
    Account #: 848-366555-838
    Name of Account: DMC Group Limited

    銀行過數: 請把訂單總額匯到以下戶口並將過數紙與Order #, email到info@daboxtoys.com
    HSBC Hong Kong
    戶口#: 848-366555-838
    戶口名: DMC Group Limited

    For more information, please contact info@daboxtoys.com

    What are our return policy?

    Damage Goods

    Before replacement goods or refunds can be issued, goods must be returned for inspection by us, and, if necessary, the item may have to be returned to the manufacturer for testing. In these cases, 30 days must be allowed. Postage fees will be reimbursed both for the original and return despatch on justified damages.

    In certain cases, a partial refund can be issued where you can keep the model without having to return it.  Detailed photos of the damaged area must be submitted via email and reviewed by us.


    Refunds and exchanges may only be processed when the returned item(s) are received by us. We recommend that the Customer obtains a certificate of posting from the Post Office. The return posting fees will be the responsibility of the Customer.  Upon receipt of a returned item which was originally paid by Paypal, a reimbursement will be made directly in Paypal to the Customer who originally paid for the goods. Where an exchange item is required, the shipping charge for the new item(s)  has to paid before the package can be dispatched.

    Security & Privacy

    Our secure server software encrypts all of your personal information, including name, address and payment details.For further verification the Customer should look for the yellow padlock in the bottom left of  his/her browser as they check out.
    The privacy of Customers is important to us. We use the information collected carefully, lawfully and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
    We will only use information held in Customer records for operational purposes - processing orders, dealing with queries, tracking deliveries, reviewing past purchases. All information held by Daboxtoys Model Cars is solely used to improve customer service and will never be disclosed to any other third party.


    All rights, including copyright, for this website are owned by or licensed to Daboxtoys Model Cars. Any use of this website or its contents, including copying or storing it or them in whole or part, other than personal, non-commercial use is prohibited without the permission of Daboxtoys Model Cars. It is prohibited to modify, distribute or re-post anything on this website for any purpose.

    Still have questions? email us at info@daboxtoys.com