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    About Daboxtoys Model Cars DMC

    DMC was started back in 2003 as a hobby thanks to my love for model cars.  I started collecting Tomica and Matchbox when I was 2 years old.  When I was little, my favorite thing to do was to look out from the window of my dad's car and name every single car that passes by.  As you can see, cars and model cars are my life. 

    The word "Daboxtoys" might not be an actual word but it does have a meaning behind it.  One of my favorite moments as a child was to open "the" "box" of "toys" like a Matchbox or Tomica. which always put a smile on my face and that is exactly the feeling I want everyone to have.  And it is this passion for model cars that resonates with collectors ever since.  We now have over 25 different brands in our shop with over 50,000 likes on our Facebook Page as well as close to 6,000 positive feedback on eBay.

    Today, we are not only a retailer but a distributor of Ebbro, GreenLight Models, IXO Models, J Collection, Premium X, and Tarmac Works.  We also produce various special edition models with different brands and this is what sets us apart from the others. In 2012 we opened our first retail shop in the heart of Hong Kong.

    We aim to be not just an ordinary shop but a social platform for collectors to gather, share, and talk about the passion of our lives which is model cars.  I sincerely hope that you will find your entire experience enjoyable! 

    Again, on behalf of the DMC team, thank you for visiting us!

    Felix Kwong

    Founder and Director of Daboxtoys Model Cars DMC